E-mail : selective@selectiveindia.in

Terms & Conditons

  • 10% on annual CTC Band M ( Manager , Sr. Manager AVP )
  • Add Service Taxes Applicable as per Govt. rules
  • Candidate recruitment charges / bills should be arrange within one month from the date of joining of the candidate. Settled within 10 days.

  • Operational Terms
      Copy of the offer & appointment letter, when issued to a candidate will also be provided to us for the purpose of billing.
    1. We shall provide replacement for the candidate leaving the organisation within three months from joining and our inability to provide a replacement candidate three months from the intimation of replacement required.
    2. Travel expenses incurred by the outstation candidates called for interviews by the client must be reimbursed directly to the candidate as per existing market practices.

    As you are aware that to advertise interview and select the candidates for any specialized field is really a difficult and time-consuming task. We have qualified staff and experts complete the entire preliminary steps screen the candidates for selecting the right and quality candidates for you. We assure you to provide prompt and timely service at your figure tips.